Walking Tall


An all original blend of Rock / Classic Rock and Country Rock sounds, ‘Walking Tall’ is definitely defined by its songs - Relatable, memorable and melodic. . .


Formed by James Tuttle and Bret Santti in 2014 and hailing from Sacramento, Ca., this Duo/Band

Has two previous independent releases both from 2014 - Vol 1 and Vol 2.


Several twist, turns and chapters have been lived and written in the interim and they have now emerged with a profound musical statement and are currently poised to make their mark with their latest release - 'Life Happens Here' .

Walking Tall Band


An album of all new original music. Timeless songs with universal themes that touch on all aspects of the human condition and experience.

There's a common thread throughout that unites the 13 tracks, just as it does our lives. The underlying concept and common thread is of course - Time. . .


It is always in motion, always keeping a single steady pace regardless of our perception of it's tempo. It waits for no one. It was in motion long before we ever measured our particular lives against it and it will still be ticking, ticking, ticking, long after we're gone. Our lives - Who we are and what we do here are just an imprint of only but a moment on its scale, yet we can all take it so much so for granted. . . This album is the observation of those around us and a testament to our own lives. A reminder to live it to the fullest . . .


The band will tour extensively throughout 2019/2020 with a live show that is equally memorable, energetic and engaging. . .


Following its own path, gaining momentum one fan at a time and ‘Walking Tall’ . . .

Jimmy Tuttle


A prolific songwriter and consummate entertainer. Jimmy’s approach to songwriting is autobiographical and direct. Whether it’s his songwriting, smooth vocal stylings or his melodic guitar playing, Jimmy's always has a strong sense of melody and is always about the song. 

Co-writer and co-producer of ’Life Happens Here’ - Jimmy's also played a majority of the Bass Guitar on the record, as well as Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitars and all Acoustic Guitar Solos. .

Bret Santti


A gifted songwriter and a charismatic presence on stage. Brets approach to songwriting is multifaceted and deep. With equally multifaceted musicianship on Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano and Hammond B3 - Bret always plays with feeling, attitude and for the song.

 Producer, Engineer and co-writer of ‘Life Happens Here’ - Bret also played Bass Guitar on “Unreachable’, “Is That All There Is”, “Wounded” and “I Wouldn’t  Change A Thing”. . .