Thank You

Bret just completed mixing the band's 3rd record in 5 years.  We are so excited to release the record in July and hit the road for some shows!

The journey we have been on the past 3 years has been incredible and we are so grateful to all of the fans who have supported us along the way.

We hope you will like this record and will want to hear the CD in its entirety.  The band is really proud of the record and the next wont be far off either!

The band thanks everyone for all of the support and the positive inspiration of many of our close personal friends who made this record possible.

We have so many people to thank and so much work left to do to get this out in all of the stores.   We should see the final CD in July, 2019.   

We hope you enjoy the music and will tell your friends to check out the band and all of our past and present music.   We Love You All! 

- Walking Tall

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